Big Girl Panties

As a skater from the 1980's grew up skating in Michigan, her love of skating bloomed into a full on obsession in 2010 as she (blogging under the name Muttpuppy and skating under a different name) took on the challenging and rewarding sport of roller derby. As the years increase, so does her desire to share knowledge and info with those looking to google obscure information regarding skate equipment and exercises. You can also find Muttpuppy's videos posted to YouTube, Her slogan? "Derby Derby Do". 

Follow Muttpuppy on her quest as she "Puts On Her Big Girl Panties" (panties are also known as "helmet covers" in the sport of derby). Happy Skating and Happy Blogging, let's skate onto the next adventure together, at Muttpuppy's Putting On Her Big Girl Panties!


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