Check out these adorable boutique bows & other unique accessories from Twinkle Toe's Ribbons & Bows. This boutique sells only the highest quality boutique bows, sculptured clippies, flower clippies, fascinator hats & unique fascinator princess crowns. A favorite is this Christmas Princess!

Twinkle Toes began after this WAHM's youngest daughter was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) a rare bone disorder otherwise known as Brittle Bone Disease. OI is a genetic disorder that causes her bones break often with little or no trauma. OI frequently causes dwarfism, bone deformity, pulmonary complications & sometimes early hearing loss etc. OI purely causes physical disabilities & does not at all affect cognitive abilities. This adorable little girl has had several surgeries & many, many fractures. Despite it all she has an amazing & inspiring UNBREAKABLE spirit!! ALL profits from Twinkle Toe's Ribbons & Bows goes into a fund to help cover the additional expenses they encounter due to her bone disorder. Like travel expenses for expert care, modifications to make their home more accessible for her & even OI camp.

Find her on Facebook and Etsy.


Declan Cash's Mom said...

I really love this shop. The products are great quality and really cute. Plus, it's nice knowing that every purchase is helping a good cause!

Karie Anne said...

We LOVE all of Twinkle Toes products and have a nice collection going.. but could always use more! Thanks Deb!!!

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