Bella the Bear

Bella the Bear is one of those must-have brands when it comes to accessorizing your little ones. From their Itty Bitty Clips for newborns with just-enough-hair to their woven headbands for your sassy pre-teen.

All items have been carefully handmade by crafty mom Clara Garzon who started out making hair bows for her own daughters.  She was tired of buying over-priced, poor quality bows. So, she took matter into her own hands! At first she made bows for her daughters, and as her friends started having girls they wanted some too.  Before she knew it, she was selling to friends and their friends too!  And so, Bella the Bear was born - high quality products at reasonable prices! 

As the Bella the Bear slogan says, "...handmade especially for you!" - you can tell that she really takes this to heart and keeps it in mind as she makes each item. Details on the end product are never overlooked: all ribbon ends are always sealed to prevent fraying, and you won't find any excess glue spilling out from any seams. 

At any given time, you can find 30-40 ready-to-ship items at her Etsy Shop: korker bows, boutique twist bows, itty bitty clips, woven headbands, pony o's...the list goes on! But if you can't find exactly what you are looking for, don't hesitate to ask for a custom order, she LOVES to make even the pickiest shopper happy! 

Aside from the great selection of Bella the Bear hair accessories, you will also find Crayon Rolls. Don't know what a Crayon Roll is?  There are the perfect way to keep little ones crayons organized when you are on the go or even at home! What makes Bella the Bear Crayon Rolls different from most crayon rolls are that they are easily fastened by an elastic around an over-sized button.  This is great for little fingers that don't know how to tie a ribbon yet! 

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Sharon Humphries said...

I love her products!!! They are excellent quality and she always has great colors to choose from :)

Ellen Connolly said...

I love everything about Bella the Bear bows. We have been using them for 3 years now. They are the only bows I buy.

Ashlen said...

I love Bella the Bear!! I can't wait to have my little girl so she can wear all of these adorable hair accessories! :)

Marianne said...

My girls and I LOVE Bella the Bear! :)

Sandra said...

All the accessories are so pretty. Love them.

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